Transit or Gochara is the study of planetary movement from the natal moon (Moon placement in our Natal or Birth chart). Natal Moon is taken as the starting point for the transiting planets. In predicting gochara results, moon plays the prominent role. The sign in which your natal moon is placed, is known as janma rasi (Birth Sign). Though the planetary positions in our horoscope are fixed, the planets continue to move. Planets take varying periods to move from one rasi to another rasi. The gochara results are interpreted from the natal moon to planets in transit.

Many people check their Rasi predictions (Transit/gochara results) in Magazines, Newspaper, TV etc. Rasi predictions are given on daily/weekly/monthly and yearly basis. Rasi predictions are based on your Moon sign. In Western system, Rasi predictions are based on Sun sign. Crores of people may belong to one Rasi and the predictions will be the same for all. But in reality, the predictions will not come true for many of them. Why?

Rasi predictions are given in general to a particular rasi. We should consider both Dasa and Transit (Gochara) before judging our time. For example, if illness is indicated in our Dasa/Bhukti (Bhukti is a small period in Dasa) and if gochara indicates bad, then the illness should be considered serious. Another example, if dasa/bhukti is good and transit results were bad, then the results will vary slightly. If dasa/bhukti and transit results are good, then, the person will get the desired results.

Hence, it is advised to consider dasa and transit results before arriving to a conclusion.