About Me

Dear visitor,

I am Naveen Kapoor, created “N K Astrologer … your astro guru” in the year 2015 with an intention to provide authentic and genuine information on Astrology and its allied sciences. This web site is aimed at becoming a vast repository of information on Astrology, Spiritualism and other such occult subjects. This site however is not a religious site and doesn’t promote any religion.
I was a bit skeptic in the beginning as I came from Accounts background. But, without peeping into our ancient scriptures, how can one claim that they are rubbish? So, I started diving into the great ocean of knowledge. I read Vedas, Bhagvad Geetha along with many scriptures. I had a glimpse at most of the books available regarding Astrology.

My interest into occult subjects started in 2011, when I was going through tough phase of my life. I often went to some astrologer to know about my future. I desperately indulge into the subject for myself and with the passage of time my knowledge grew up in the field of astrology and I read some word “ Remember , to learn anything , you should first pray to it and it reveals itself to you . For example, you want to learn Astrology from a book, pray to the book and get sanctioned that it will reveal everything to you. Once you get its approval, you will be able to read between the lines.” This method I applied during my further studying any book. Sometimes, by just popping two or three pages, I know what is there in that book and what is not there. Thus I started studying books on Astrology and by 2013, I started giving predictions. I was thrilled when my predictions were reported to be correct by all most all of my clients.

Now, I am working systematically on Vedic Astrology. People who consult Astrologers generally ask about petty things like when they would get a job or when they were going to become rich or when they would come out of ill health or when they were going to get a lottery . Such mundane things are not important in astrology, even though Astrology answers such questions. What is important to know about yourself, your mission in this birth? Whether you believe in Astrology or not doesn’t matter at all but believe strongly that you were born with inbuilt alter of God and always try to live in God. Never deviate from the path of Dharma. Finally you will realize that you are none other than God.