“I have found Naveen Kapoor to be very professional, and full of compassion. He makes one feel very at ease and thus able to open up. He helped me immensely by giving me a much better understanding of myself and how I relate to other people which has enabled me to improve my relationships both on a professional and personal level. His understanding of astrology, and how he explains it, makes it all seem so simple!”
Arun Parashar

"Naveen kapoor's expertise and experience provided practical wisdom and guidance. His understanding of both the astrological plane and humanity, combined with a wonderful sense of humor gave me the courage to make choices in one area of my life, and create stillness in another. Very valuable experience. Thank you!"
Nilesh Kaushik

“I can highly recommend Naveen Kapoor's astrology courses. His teaching style is enthusiastic, fun, inclusive and non-judgemental, and his knowledge of the subject – which she conveys in an easy to understand way – is extensive. Naveen’s course taught me how to identify talents, strengths and weakness from the birthchart, and thus how to understand myself and others better. I think this is a great life skill. Naveen Kapoor is a very gifted teacher.”
Gourav Jalota

“It has been a real privilege to have such a competent, accomplished person as Naveen Kapoor to focus his skills on my case. To be able to combine his knowledge of astrology, anatomy and problem solutions would have been a powerful enough synergy without the bonus of his psychological understanding. Being able to reach this service from a distance was indeed useful. “
Tanvi Chopra